Joe Nishizawa

As we are all not so much aware of technological photography, there is one person that shows the best of his efforts in this unusual form of art. Photographer Joe Nishizawa is a specialist in shooting Japan’s real underground: rail or utility tunnels,even nuclear power plants, all the strange, unknown places that lie below the surface, with limited entrance to common people. Joe’s pictures are a futuristic trip to hyper-reality, with extraordinary locations similar to Blade Runner set design and natural vivid colours, surprised to know they are not digitally retouched.

Joe has published four books with more than exciting pictures, while his work has been featured in high-class editions like Vanity Fair, Time, Focus and Discovery Channel Magazine. In the past, he took part in the very inetersting Tokyo-Tunnelix project, an avant-garde fashion show held underground Tokyo, in a 9.8 km tunnel built between Ikebukuro and Shibuya areas.

Do you want to see more? Then visit Joe Nishizawa's website for lots more of amazing pictures.
Audio: Synth R.I.U - Psygoque

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