Daria Endresen

Daria Endresen is a young photographer, model and digital artist from Oslo, Norway. Her images, mostly autoportraits, are true little diamonds, a fresh new suggestion on digital art, with great photoshop techniques, neutral light and cyber-like, imaginary concept. 

There is not much info about Daria’s bio, as she prefers to speak only through her work. When I asked her to tell me a few things about herself or her inspirations, she answered with this beautiful quote from the Antichrist movie:
“Oaktrees grow to be hundreds of years old. They only have to produce one single tree every hundred years in order to procreate…The acorns fell on the roof then too…they kept falling and falling… and dying and dying.. And I understood that everything that used to be beautiful about Eden was perhaps hideous…Now I could hear what I couldn’t hear before – the cry of all the things that are to die.”

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