Ellen Rogers

Dreamy, captivating, haunting..These are the first words that came up to my mind when i first saw Ellen Rogers' images.The London-based photographer has a unique talent in creating amazing images of enchanting witches and mythical female creatures that seem to have escaped from Celtic stories or Occult rituals. Ellen is a true lover of analogue photography, spending millions of hours experimenting in her darkroom giving to her pictures an antique feeling and faded colours, turning them to past-century-like visual masterpieces. Inspired by psychology, religion, history and retro horror stories, Ellen is one of those artists that keep being faithfull to their vision, with a personal taste that is difficult to be found in the works of more commercial artists, a true diamond in the contemporary world of photoshopping. She has also released some very interesting films and a new great book called Aberrant Necropolis.  I don't want to say more about her work, as images speak for themselves. Just visit her cool website and get blown-away by her gorgeous portfolio.

Switch from Ellen Rogers on Vimeo.

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