Kostantinos Kakanias - Antonakis Christodoulou
 ReMap3,the art fest of Athens started tonight with the full of our participation downtown Athens.Energy, a really high artistic level and some of the best works we've seen lately dominated the top art galleries of the city, giving the signal for the hottest winter season coming soon.

Paintings, installation and videos took over the beautiful buildings of the athenian cult areas giving the message that everything is still going on. And it does.

Favourite artists? Poka Yio with his amazing Bordello Nacional theme held at an abandoned 5 floor building and H.O.P.E with his extravagant collages and spiritual inastallations.

Ira Triantafillidou

Christian Kracht
George Sapoutzis

Nicolas Party

Aliki Palaska
Aleksandra Waliszewska

Maro Michalakakou

Chris Martin

Gabriel Vormstein
Bordello Nacional - Poka Yio & Guest Artists

Tjorg Douglas Beer
Alexandros Tzanis

Tjorg Dougls Beer



Poka Yio

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