Francesco Vezzoli

A Palazzo Gallery in Brescia is currently hosting Make-Up, a new hot exhibition dealing with aesthetic beauty and its transformations. Twelve famous artists give their own interpretation to the meaning of beauty, with 2D and 3D works, experimenting with cosmetic cut-outs and allegorical abstractions on famous or unknown faces, finally resulting to an esoteric purification, beyond the mainstream standards.
The participating artists are: Maurizio Anzeri, John Bock, Dr.Lakra, Lothar Hempel, Jamie Isenstein, Alan Reid, Markus Schinwald, John Stezaker, Sue Tompkins, Ryan Trecartin, Vedovamazzei and Francesco Vezzoli.
Curated by Mariuccia Casadio
The exhibition will last by the 11th March, 2012

                      Both images above by MaurizioAnzeri

Desire (2011), Lothar Hempel

Audrey Hepburn (2011), Vedovamazzei

Francesco Vezzoli
All images courtesy of A Palazzo Gallery

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