Mircalla Glass

"Mircalla Glass is the Wet Princess of Lost angeles. Born from a sea of tears of children her voice grew a landscape to be seen through out the universe. A vampire that cannot drink blood. Only dreams. Building an army to turn zombies into flowers blooming violets out of violence. The kingdom of sand castles and broken dreams awaits . Listen to her voice and grow an empire inside yourself. Invite someone you love and close your eyes what do you see? Dream of me*** this is your fairytale".

This is how artist, musician and blogger Annakim Violette describes her new upcoming album coming out on January 1st 2012. Annakim grew up travelling and has a really good taste not only in music but in style, as well (you should see her wardrobe).

Enjoy below an amazing video from one of the album's tracks, directed by genious Marie Kristiansen:

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