Nailed: History of Nail Culture

Chicago-based artist Dzine is famous for his kaleidoscopic large-scale paintings, overwhelming sculptures and strange vehicles, exploring the art, fashion and music subcultures. His recognizable style consists of jewel-encrusted creations and customizable designs, equal to high-end collections. The awarded artist's latest book is called Nailed and hosts some of the most unbelievable nail designs one can meet. Including his own wearable nail creations, along with contemporary designs from around the world shot by comissioned photographers, the 192-page hardcover book pays tribute to extreme body decoration and nail movement, with origins back to the Chinese Ming Dynasty, Egypt, Babylon and Rome, when nail decoration and ornaments were considered a social status symbol. Obviously inspired by his mother who was a nail artist, Dzine actually pays a tribute to all the people involved to this community who may not be artistically trained, however their passion for perfection and beautiful objects is really stricking. Dzine has already presented two more nail-related projects, Imperial Nail Salon at Salon 94 Freemans in New York featuring a salon chair with a part-time manicurist along with sculptures and designs and the New Museum's lobby window.

Nailed is available exclusively through until February 1, 2012

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