Kirsty Mitchell

Kirsty Mitchell's photography work is a spectacular piece of art. Inspired by the beautiful stories her mom used to say, she created the amazing Wonderland series, a collection of fairytale characters, all shot with natural light and in real locations.
Kirsty's background as a costume designer and fashion creative has a great influence on her pictures. She personally attends the styling using extraordinary couture costumes with vivid colours and spends several hours in searching for the perfect location.

All her stories are adorned with beutiful props, special flower combinations and impressive set designs, all created by a strong design team consisted by friends and volunteers.

The preparation of each shot may take up to one month, depending on the weather conditions and the studies required on each detail. Make up artist Elbie Van Eeden, a long time partner of Mitchell, spends many hours on hair and make up,as all the stories demand complicated hair props and colours that match the scenery.

The Wonderland series took up to one year to complete.

Kirsty Mitchell's works are available to watch on her online portfolio

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