Aoi Kotsuhiroi

 The work of French artist Aoi Kotsuhiroi takes a deep dive into the darkest places of human instincts with a fine selection of the strangest body ornaments you may have seen lately.

 All Aoi's collections are a bizarre mix of BDSM, ethnic, occult and Goth style, complimented by rings, gloves, bracelets, shoes and necklaces and are in progress, which means that new, unique pieces are added constantly.

 All the pieces are made by unusual materials like urushi laqcuered horns and wood, leather, gold antique roman beads, porcelain and horse or human hair, handstitched with silk thread.

 Aoi's work has been featured widely in many print and online publications and her accessories are sold in major cities like New York, London, Melbourne and Montreal.
If you want to see more of these beautiful pieces or want more info about Aoi you can visit her website.

Audio: Portable- Live @ Motronic (Sao Paulo)

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