Selling Sex

Lascive, from the Lamp Girls series ,
Marianne Maric,

An art and fashion exhibition from women only will be hosted at Showstudio Shop from the 22nd of March, as a tribute to female form and personality. Despite the constant rising of women in various professional fields, statistics show that their participation in the fields of fashion and art is really low. At the Museum of Modern Art, only 8% of the work exhibited are created by women. Tate features just a 15% of female artists. In Film women hold only 33% of all speaking roles and 7% as Directors. In Fashion, most of the major campaigns are created by men.
 The most impressive clue is that there are ONLY three industries in which women earn more than men – Pornography, Prostitution and Modelling. While all proves that the female image, either artistic or commercial, is mostly created by men, Showstudio had the brilliant idea on working the opposite: an exhibition where female artists give their own interpretation on femininity and their own perspective about sex. Curated by Nick Knight with Carrie Scott and the Showstudio team  and with the participation of many reknown Fine Artists, Photographers, Film Makers and Fashion Designers, the exhibition will show a wide range of exciting works, including a series of live streams,  projects and performances.
On view by the 1st June, 2012. Find more info here

Second Skin,
Ione Rucquoi,
RE.TREAT #7 and #5,
Una Burke,

Porn Sewn on Yves Saint Laurent Advert (two sided),
Inge Jacobsen,

Red Dildo with Gold Flower Design with Red Burlesque Strap,
Shiri Zinn,

Wet Silence,
Aoi Kotsuhiroi,

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